Discovering meditation almost three decades ago changed the course of my life. But it was only years later as I got involved in mindfulness practice and MBSR that I found a way to bring my training as a clinical psychologist and my love for and interest in meditation together.

I consider myself lucky to have received my training from the Mindfulness Training Institute Australia & New Zealand (MTI), where I was taught by Timothea Goddard, who brought MBSR to Australia, and other teachers who were trained by Jon Kabat-Zinn, the founder of MBSR, himself. With mindfulness luminaries Dr Bob Stahl, Professor Paul Grossman, Professor Willem Kuyken, and Rebecca Crane on the Educational Advisory Committee, the MTI upholds rigorous standards of assessment and certification, making sure that the program will not be corrupted but taught as originally devised.

I benefit from the practice of mindfulness every day and absolutely love the course, which I’ve done several times myself. So it is with great joy that I offer you the opportunity to discover MBSR for yourself, and I look forward to supporting you with your own mindfulness journey.

Call me on 0417 014 202 or send an email to info@mindfulnow.com.au for your free phone consultation .

I look forward to hearing from you.

Gesa Brennan