“…there is a way of being, a way of looking at problems,
a way of coming to terms with the full catastrophe
that can make life more joyful and rich than it otherwise might be,
and a sense also of being somehow more in control.
We call this way of being ‘the way of awareness’ or ‘the way of mindfulness’.”

Kabat-Zinn, Founder of MBSR

The MBSR Course

“a launching platform for the rest of one’s life”

Kabat-Zinn, Founder of MBSR

What people have said...

“The one on one MBSR sessions with Gesa was 8 weeks of relaxed personal growth that has undeniably enriched my life.
It has equipped me with techniques to actively combat the stresses of modern day life and taught me how to remain present in the moment.
Gesa’s guidance was tailored and considered – no doubt that it was a highlight of the week that is now sorely missed.
The course book and app are the perfect companions for continued practice and growth, and all this came at a very modest cost.
I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn more about mindfulness or someone keen to put the theory into practice.
I look forward to continuing my journey with the Mindful Now team!”

Marius, Greenwich

“Beautiful personal style…thoroughly enjoyed Gesa teaching”

Sonya, Northbridge

“The course gave me a stronger capacity to pause before making rash decisions, more baseline resilience and positivity, greater moments of clarity / present moment awareness in everyday life (i.e. waking up to life’s beauty)…
You are a wonderful teacher!”

Isaac, Inner West

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the class last night. You’re like a duck to water with this teaching!
I like coming to this class. I love your teaching style Gesa.”

Betty Ramsay, Blackheath